Teter Solutions was founded by Matt Teter to help companies be more competitive in the marketplace by providing consulting, project management and software development services. We work closely with our clients to understand your business challenges and opportunities. We use a number of tools including the SWOT analysis which identifies an organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses (internal) along with it’s Opportunities and Threats (external) to determine the best way forward.

With our strategic partnerships and global alliances, we differentiate ourselves by providing top caliber expertise in today’s most relevant technologies. With our global, flexible and diverse resource pool we are able to leverage economies-of-scale to achieve excellent cost benefits and value for our clients. We can quickly scale-up and scale-down our project teams to better meet your changing business climate, minimizing risk and cost for your organization.

While we work with companies of all sizes, we are particularly helpful for start-ups, small and medium-size companies where cost and resource flexibility are important drivers for deriving business value.

We provide a single point of contact and accountability to staff and manage resources to deliver software projects on-time, with guaranteed quality at a competitive price-point.

Matt has a BA in Computer Science from the University of CA, Santa Cruz and over 20 industry experience as an IT manager and Project Manager working at Intel in the US and Europe. Matt is PMP® certified.

Teter Solutions

Consulting, project management and software development services for web, mobile, cloud & enterprise applications.